Margaret’s Health

The note below about my wife was sent out to my church recently. It pledges that updates about her care will be posted on my blog. We don’t expect to publish updates often, but do promise to give timely information as we know many care!

To: The Blessed Wellshire Community

I write to you today to let you know that my wife, Margaret, has breast cancer. In a few anxious days, she will have surgery at Rose Hospital. We have been given every indication that this surgery will be followed by several months of chemotherapy, radiation, and follow-up surgeries. (It has spread into her lymph nodes.) The long-term prognosis is good, but the next few months will reportedly present a struggle.

As always, I certainly will do my best to serve you with “energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.” However, Margaret’s care during this time will be my highest priority. Please be patient with me if emails are not returned in a timely fashion or an absence goes unexplained.

As word of her illness has spread, many of you have already offered to help, bring meals, or give rides. THANK YOU! Your kindness is a tangible sign of God’s goodness to us. At this point, we are discussing with church leadership how best to coordinate all of this. In the interim, if you wish, please drop Margaret a note at: 1850 Bassett St., #108, Denver, CO, 80202 or email her at

God is good, and we know that we are blessed. Margaret’s colleagues at Habitat for Humanity have been wonderfully encouraging. We have two beautiful, strong daughters and a supportive extended family. We know that we are surrounded in love and prayer by you, many Presbyterians around the country – including my former congregations – and friends around the world. Thanks be to God!

I won’t flood church publications with continuous updates. I will post future updates, as appropriate, on my blog at

In my ministry, I have heard hundreds of people who have encountered various trials say things such as, “I don’t know what I would have done without the church,” or, “I wouldn’t have made it without the church.” We too feel the power of God through the Wellshire Church community.

This Sunday is “Generosity Sunday” at Wellshire. Know that on this Sunday this year our hearts are full of gratitude for you.

We’ll see you Sunday!
John H. Bell, Jr., Pastor

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