Margaret’s Surgery & Meals


Margaret’s surgery is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 21, in the Wolf building at Rose Hospital. It was originally scheduled at a later date, but fortunately there was a cancelation and they are able to work her in early. The sooner, the better! I am not sure what time the actual surgery will take place because she goes in early in the morning and there are a couple of pre-surgical procedures.

She will spend at least one night in the hospital – and more if necessary.

The procedure should last about 4 ½ hours, as I recall. She will be homebound for 2-3 weeks and we have been led to believe that she will start chemotherapy later in December.

Megan is coming home from D.C. for the surgery (and Thanksgiving), and Margaret’s mother, Susie, is coming and Thanksgiving for an extended period of time to help with all that needs to be done.


Several of you have offered to bring meals to us, and we are very grateful – and humbled. Kendal Mullins and Kirklyn Simonton have set up a schedule for those who kindly wish to do so. (How “orderly” can Presbyterians be?) The link is Meals for Margaret  ( Click on it. It’s all explanatory.

You will see it starts the day after surgery, stops for Thanksgiving, and then resumes for a couple of weeks after the holiday. We certainly don’t expect all the slots to fill up, so the early dates are considered priority.

Also, please note that we moved from Wash Park to a town house in LoDo! We are at 1850 Bassett St., Unit #108, Denver, CO, 80202. (My cell is 303-917-5383 if you need me.) It’s easy to find and we live on the first floor with an exterior door. Parking is usually easy – and it’s free. (The building is The Manhattan, but don’t go in the entryway. We are ONE door to the left of the entry.)

As you know, Margaret is an extreme extrovert, so she would love to see people, assuming she is feeling well. And, I know, you will be respectful of her privacy if she is not feeling well.