A Note from Margaret!

This is a note from Margaret:
Dear Friends,
Breast cancer just got personal. I have been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. We humbly ask for your prayers. Surgery is scheduled this Friday November 21st. (Future updates will be posted at jhbelljr.net.) It is my firm belief that I have the very best team in place to run this race with me. This will be my ultra marathon. I am ready to run this race because of all of you. Those of you who stand at the start with me and cheer me on with words of encouragement, support,and love. Those of you who are setting up aid stations all along the way. Those of you who will help pace. Those of you who will run with me through the toughest miles. Those of you who will be along the route shouting empowering messages and waving cowbells. Those of you who will be waiting at the finish line cheering and celebrating. When the starter’s gun goes off this Friday at 12 noon please know that John, Megan, Katie, and I are filled with deep gratitude and abundant hope. And we are ready . . . because of all of you.
Love to all,
Margaret B.

8 thoughts on “A Note from Margaret!

  1. My prayers are with you as you join the sisterhood. I am a ten year survivor and I know, with God’s help, that you will be as well. Keep the faith with a little bit of humor, as well and you will win the race!

  2. I forgot to mention that, in my 12 years of enrolling people in long-term care insurance, I have met COUNTLESS women in “the sisterhood” who are 5-, 10-. 15-. 20-, even 25-year survivors! We trust that your experience will be “successful” as well. And we are standing with you, in His light and love.

  3. Dear, dear Margaret and John and family members…. Well, this is just lousy news. Yes, you will have many of us standing with you as you face this challenge. Love to you and, yes, you are in my prayers.

  4. Dearest Margaret… I’m so sad to hear about your cancer. Many thoughts and prayers coming your way from all the Triplitts, your friends at Camp Glen Arden, and our St James Episcopal family here in Greenville. Your marathon reference is great and I know you will feel the love as you endure the “race”. My love to you, John, Meghan, and Katie.

  5. Margaret, I am blessed to have an opportunity to run this race beside you, elbow to elbow! Although I started earlier, we can both gain strength from each other. If we begin to falter or stumble, our Lord will pick us up. There may be a few obstacles in our way, but prayer will help us climb over them. If we forget the way, He will lead the way. Margaret, we will win this race, and forever be thankful to have passed the test of endurance with faith, hope, and love . . . and the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor. 13:13
    We can do this.

  6. Margaret, we are so sad to hear this news and want you to know we will be praying for you, John and family. You have always been such a positive and strong person and I’m counting on you to win this race. Much love from both of us.

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