Home from the Hospital!

A quick note to say that we are out of the hospital and back home!

It is truly unbelievable how quickly they kick you out of hospitals these days. However, the feeling is mutual. Margaret is happy to be home and in her own bed – and without risk of ebola. (We have a thermometer right by the bed just in case!)

They released her because there are no signs of trauma – besides the pain, and the pain can be managed at home. She is thoroughly enjoying popping magic pills every four hours.

Next steps … We (probably) get the definitive pathology report and staging on Tuesday, but the doctor was already talking about a PET scan to determine other things. She must recover from surgery before she can start chemotherapy.

Spirits are high! God is good. We are doing well.

Our family manta is “Bells don’t quit.” We are competitive, and we are good to go.

Thanks again for all you are doing to support us. We do love all of you! Thank you!