How’s Margaret, you ask?

A number of you have contacted me to ask “How’s Margaret?” so …

Physically, she is doing well. She has had no complications from the surgery. She is heavily drugged and sleeping well. She is able to get up and down by herself. Since she is unable to use her arms, she looks like a newly born giraffe when she stands up. We think it’s cute. She also can navigate the stairs.

She did watch the Broncos WIN yesterday and is catching up on Homeland.

We are anxious to receive the pathology report, which will come hopefully in the morning. She goes for a post-op check up on Wednesday and starts with the oncologist on Monday. She heard from a friend that she probably won’t be “staged” until after a PET scan, which reveals whether or not the cancer has left the general vicinity of the breast. We have been told by at least one doctor that she doesn’t “think” it will be found elsewhere, but we won’t know definitively until the PET scan.

She has had a handful of visitors, which has been nice, but has received hundreds of cards, flowers, a couple of meals, and a few assorted care packages. If you want to come visit, contact and I’ll try to give you a window of time (303-917-5383 or

How’s Margaret … really? Emotionally, psychological, spiritually, it’s an anxious time. As anybody would be, her feelings, thoughts and emotions are a roller coaster. But she wanted me to stress in this post that she is fundamentally GRATEFUL for all of you for your kindness, love, support and prayers.

This Thanksgiving presents a challenge, but we have much for which to be thankful!

She wanted to me share quotation, with which I shall end this post:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;

While loving someone deeply gives your courage.Lao Tzu