Update: Confirmation

Today, Margaret had her first post-op appointment with her oncologist. For the first time, he confirmed what we suspected: she is at the top of stage 3 (3C) of the four stages of breast cancer. This is a preliminary staging, which may be influenced or changed with the results of the PET scan, which is now scheduled for Wednesday – pending insurance approval. The cancer was also graded at 3, which is the highest or most aggressive grade given. He said there is a 95% probability that the cancer has not spread beyond the area of the left breast, but the PET scan will give us definitive answers.

Again, this was generally the expected news; however, Margaret and I are both optimists by nature and always hope for better than expected. Thus, the news is sobering. The good news is that she is clearly recovering from surgery in excellent shape and will start chemotherapy as early as next week.

And FYI we had a marvelous Thanksgiving! Katie and I did our part, of course. Megan was home from Washington, DC, with her very significant other, Joe, who fit right in under very difficult circumstances. We all pitched in to cook together and made it a day of great laughter, joy and gratitude.

Margaret continues, as do I, to be grateful for all the e-mails, cards, flowers, wig stands, inspirational books, devotional guides, meals, visits, text messages and other gestures of support and love. We know this will be a marathon – not a sprint, so I personally hope you will “pace” yourselves and stay in this with her for the long run.

6 thoughts on “Update: Confirmation

  1. Dear John, Thank you for the update. We have thought of you all so often in the last week. That scan stuff is no fun, but we hope it brings you the better report. Ran and I are sending lots of hope and good wishes……Jeff

  2. Margaret….I thought of you so many times during our Thanksgiving festivities, thinking of the challenge of “thank you” at this time. You and John are strong and positive so I know you have found many things to be thankful for, just know that I give thanks for you in my life, and I know there are literally thousands of people who are praying with you, who are in spirit with you and who are all thankful for knowing you. So with this much gratitude surrounding you, we journey with you through this latest news. Not what we had hoped, but with God, an excellent medical community, and several thousand friends…..we got this covered!!
    Much love and many hugs!
    Nancy Suty

  3. Dear ones in Christ,
    We rejoice with your words of hope and will continue praying with the multitude of people who knows you and care for you Margaret, you are loved. Robert and Bernice Lodwick

  4. Dear John and Margaret, Do you need a driver for the chemotherapy trips? I took my son Eric for all of his infusions, At this time he is in remission, He was a stage 3, very aggressive Lymphoma. With a lot of hope and prayers. he is doing fine. So Margaret, my dear, you too, have all of our hopes and love, and prayers. So thumbs up; You will make it. Love to both of you. Dee P.S. So happy for Megan.

  5. Thank you so much for the update on Margaret. This cancer stuff definitely is a marathon and not a sprint. We’re here for the long haul with prayers and anything else your family needs. With more of God’s blessings to all, Suellen

  6. Dear Margaret, I want you to know that I am thinking of you and miss seeing you in church. I wish I had pearls of wisdom for you but all I can offer are my prayers and positive thoughts. All my best to you and John.

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