How’s Margaret? Part 2

2014-12-04 11.10.57 A picture is worth a thousand words! (Again, thank you, Angela Duggan, [] for taking pics the night before Margaret’s surgery – three long weeks ago.)

Importantly, Margaret is bouncing back nicely from the rigors of major surgery. She’s up, getting dressed, getting out of the house a little bit, lifting stuff, holding court with friends, walking outside, and, of course, Christmas shopping. Her very irritating drains are out, her chemo port is in, her appetite is returning. She’s had no fever or infection.

She almost went to church on Sunday, but wasn’t sure she had enough energy and needs to be well for chemo.

She is sore from biopsies taken out of the bones in her back last Thursday, but this too shall pass. All of her doctors are being very generous with pain and sleep medication – which has been quite effective! (“Valium? This is Margaret calling!”)

She is scheduled to start chemotherapy on Wednesday. She went to “Chemo Teach” on Friday to demystify it somewhat, and she has been given insider tips from veterans on which chairs are best, how to dress and what to pack with her.

We all experienced a moment of severe panic Sunday afternoon when Peyton Manning went to the locker room with an injury and Brock Osweiler attempted three passes – but that’s another story. Sorry, I digress.

Katie has been a fearless, tireless and champion caregiver. Megan comes home again on Saturday. Yippie!

I fumbled my way through another “sermon” on the Sunday of Love, but am glad Kira’s preaching next Sunday!

Yes, there have been brief moments of collapse and despair, but the general household tone continues to be one of hope and steely resolve to run the race and meet the challenge. Again, I simply cannot tell you how profoundly grateful we all are for all the well-planned and random acts of kindness – small and large – through which we have been blessed. Thank you!