From Margaret

Unabridged … Unplugged … Unedited! 😉 from Margaret … on steroids – literally!

Gotta love it!


Dear Friends,

The ultra marathon trip along the yellow brick road is now in full swing and it felt SO GOOD to “get to*” start chemo today. It was not nearly as bad as I had feared – I am aware that side effects take a while to kick in but nonetheless the actual 3.5 hours of chemo was really not that bad. And when chemo was over and John and Katie and I got home I actually went Christmas shopping all by myself and managed to check off a huge chunk of my to-do list.

Tonight I want to simply say a huge, overflowing, and heartfelt thank you to all of you. I also want to briefly share one (okay . . . maybe two since I have to eventually explain the asterisk in the above paragraph) of my favorite devotional/inspirational readings this week.

I purchased the most wonderful little book on our Napa trip over Labor Day weekend titled, “Watch For The Light ~ Readings for Advent and Christmas” and William Willimon’s reading for December 14th titled “The God We Hardly Knew” practically jumped off the pages and spoke to me in all caps, bold, and with a bunch of exclamation marks. “It’s tough to be on the receiving end of love, God’s or anybody else’s. It requires that we see our lives not as our possessions, but as gifts.” The amount of receiving which I (along with my precious family near and far) have been privileged to receive in this journey in the form of cards, emails, gifts, texts, meals, visits, snacks, listening ears, little “happies”, love, encouragement, support, offers of help from the mundane to the sublime, and prayers has helped me to understand that my life is indeed a gift. In a poem by Oscar Romero the lines, “those who need someone to come on their behalf, will have that someone. That someone is God. Emmanuel, God-with-us. Without poverty of spirit there can be no abundance of God.” You ALL – my scarecrows, tin mans, lions, Glendas, and Wizards have embodied “Emmanuel” and I have indeed experienced the abundance of God. Thank you.

*”Get to” are two very important words which have also helped shift my thinking and hopefully enhanced my resiliency (shout out to all of you who have shared your “3 Good Things” experiences with me!). In a different inspirational book written by a cancer survivor – it was suggested that instead of thinking in terms of “have to” we have the option of changing the “have” to “get.” Instead of, “I have to go to work, or Christmas shopping, or a meeting, or a doctor’s appointment, or even chemo” we can say, “I get to go to work, or Christmas shopping, or a meeting, or a doctor’s appointment, and especially chemo!”

So, the answer to the oft asked question of how are you? I am doing great! One chemo down, five to go. Full of gratitude for my family, friends (new and old), friends of friends, fabulous medical team (many of whom I attest are “ministers” just serving in the medical field), other cancer survivor success stories, and my new favorite four letter word . . . HOPE.

With love, gratitude, and hope,

11 thoughts on “From Margaret

  1. Hang tough. Getting sick to get well is pretty weird, but it can work. My buddy had stage 4 kidney cancer and is free & clear. It is so cool for me that he is annoying again :D.

    Bob E.

  2. Hi My Dears,
    Just read your message to all of us, Margaret, you are quite a writer. I found it so interesting..;Loved the Inspirational readings. Life is a gift, At my young age,ha, I realize that fact every day.and I am so very thankful. My prayer for you, is to reach my young age, and look back on this experience and realize all your hopes and dreams were realized Your gift for today, the Chemo was not as bad as you had anticipated. Love, to all of you.

  3. John and I “got to” read your inspirational words in today’s blog. What beautiful sentiments at this holy time of year. Thank you for sharing your gift of faith, Margaret. Merry Chrismas to you, John, Megan and Katie. Love, The Astunos

  4. I knew many years ago Margaet what a special young lady you were and are. Knowing you then was special and even more so today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always.
    Betsy West

  5. I just wanted to wish you, Margaret and your family the most joyful of holiday seasons. Margaret, I think about you often and am holding in my prayer/meditation practice. I love your attitude and feel you have been inspiring me. Alice

    Alice Goble
    Manager of ReStore Volunteer Programs and Marketing
    To sign up to volunteer:

  6. Your words are wonderful, Margaret. I love the thought of “get to.” You (and John) are in my prayers every morning. Love to you both,Karol

  7. Love your blog as usual. I have one question. Why one Chemo down and five to go? Do you go weekly? Would love a little education – thanks my friend:)

  8. Dear Margaret … thank you for sharing your personal reflections on HOPE … your courage & faith are so very inspiring to all of us … God Bless You!

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