An Overdue Update on Margaret!

I have been told that I am overdue for a blog post on Margaret’s condition. Sorry!

She has successfully completed 4 of 6 rounds of chemotherapy. It’s a bit difficult to explain how she has tolerated the treatment to this point. On the one hand, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing any better with it. Her blood work has been “acceptable” so far and her treatment has gone on “as planned.” There have been few surprises to what she had been led to expect.He attitude is positive and her spirits are generally high. Her sense of humor is intact.

On the other hand, it has been rather brutal and is clearly taking a toll on her. She experiences sundry aches, pain, fever and nausea; she has lost weight and all of her hair; and she is easily fatigued. She has become a proficient pain manager, combining drugs, oncology rehab and acupuncture with an occasional “restorative” yoga class.

She began an extended medical leave of absence from work last week to focus on her health. Assuming all goes accordingly, she will have her next PET scan on April 8, which will be followed by several weeks of radiation. Of course, she is battling stage four, metastatic (lymph system and bones) breast cancer, so the goal here is to knock the cancer back into remission or “no evidence (or activity) of disease.” Pray for a good, clear PET scan, please!

In related news, we bought a new house and moved last week! Our downtown (LoDo) living experiment simply was not working given our current plight. One of our joint New Year’s Resolutions was to start looking for a new house in January. On a whim, we went to our first open house in Stapleton in mid-January. We were not in the house 10 minutes before Margaret said, “It’s perfect. I want it.” … so we bought it and moved in last Thursday — amongst the heavy snow fall!

We had packing and unpacking help from a few good friends, and Margaret’s mother flew in for the week. Margaret held up well, but a real shout out to the mighty Katie Bell, who maintained a sense of humor during the whole sordid mess and was absolutely indefatigable carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs.

Our new, new address – our hopefully PERMANENT ADDRESS – is 8994 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Denver, Colorado, 80238. (Believe it or not, the United States Postal Service does not have “Jr.” on their records – although the City of Denver writes “Jr.” on their street signs.) It is a brand new town or terrace home in the Stapleton area of Denver, which is being built on the old airport property. It has three floors above ground plus a finished basement. Importantly, there is no yard to maintain or snow to shovel! It is adjacent to and overlooks Central Park and has a fantastic view of the Rockies. It is a welcome departure from our previous purchases, and we are both very, very happy with our new home!

If you want to contact Margaret directly, please know she will not be checking her Metro-Denver Habitat for Humanity e-mail for the foreseeable future. Contact her at

That’s all for now!

“Live long and prosper.” – Leonard Nimoy

4 thoughts on “An Overdue Update on Margaret!

  1. Thanks for the news of Margaret health progress. Yes, Robert and I will join you in prayer for a remission and for a good, clear PET scan. Also, congratulations on the purchase of a new home!
    Just the other day while in prayer for all of you, came to mind that you and Margaret did not come to our open house in celebration to our newly buit home in 2010. We received your e-mail that Margaret had a cold; it is never too late for you to come over in the near future. Our home is still new and we love Parkwood so much! it is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Thanks again for sharing your news.

  2. Dear Margaret and John, I want you to know how often you are on my mind, and in my prayers. I really am sorry that I have not been over to see you. I have all kind of excuses, how ever I well only say, I just let other things get in the way, and I am sorry. I hear that next week we are supposed to get a bit of beautiful weather, maybe i can get myself in gear and get over to see you. I will call and see if that can be arranged :Love to all of you, Dee.

  3. Hi John,

    So glad you and Margaret found such a wonderful new home! We think of you both so often. We do appreciate the updates. Love to you all, Jeff and Ran

  4. Congratulations on new home, John … and please let know Margaret that Al & Cathy (and girls) are continuing to pray for both of you! Hopefully, we can all get together for a Rockies game this Summer, assuming Summer is coming … brrrrrr 🙂

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