A Little Celebration!

Last night, Margaret and I went to her favorite French restaurant in Denver, Bistro Vendome, to celebrate Thursday’s doctors’ appointments and reports. As you know, we have not had much cause for celebration over the past few months, so we were not going to miss this one!

The thyroid concern is a thing of the past. Hallelujah! The doctor said she took half of it, but the pathology report suggests that she will not need to take the other half. This will or should benefit Margaret’s overall physical condition – in particular, her energy level and her bones, since the cancer was found on her bones. One of her para-thyroid glands (Who knew of those?) was also taken out, because the doc suspected it was the source of trouble. [Using my language, she simply said that gland was “bad.” I said “I understand what ‘bad’ means morally, but what does it mean medically?”]

Of interest to Wellshire folks, on the way in to see the endocrinologist, we bumped into Wellshire associate pastor, Katie Robb Davis, and her husband with Coulter who was there to get his six-month check-up! You may remember he was born on the same day and in the same hospital at roughly the same time as Margaret’s double mastectomy. A clear sign of God’s presence and providence …

She also saw her oncologist yesterday who pledged to schedule another PET scan before Megan’s wedding, so that – prayerfully, hopefully – Margaret can gleefully breeze through the wedding weekend (It’s more like a wedding “movement.”), knowing that she has no evidence of (active) disease and is in remission – that’s the stated goal for the summer. Prayer warriors? Put that on your list.

Of note, both the endocrinologist and the oncologist – and their aides – were all absolutely incredulous at how quickly she bounced back from surgery last week. The surgeon said that she didn’t think she had seen anyone doing so well just a week out. She even declared, “Wow! You’ve even got your divot back!” We don’t have any idea what “a divot” is, but we assume it has something to do with the throat and is good news. So last night we clinked glasses and cheered the return of her divot.

Margaret now moves on to radiation. She was outfitted this week and tattooed. She will do a trial run next week, and, if all goes well, she will being six weeks of daily radiation on any remaining cancer.

That’s all for now!

Thank you for your interest, concern, prayers, and affection. We love you all!