Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer

This is a great video which went viral almost instantly. Margaret is almost exactly where this woman is in her diagnosis and treatment. She is stage IV, and it is in her spine and bones. Please pay attention to what she says is helpful and not helpful!

Click on this link:

Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer

11 thoughts on “Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer

    • Thanks! And this woman lives in Texas! The only difference is that Margaret was diagnosed the first time with Stage IV – not re-diagnosed.

  1. Love this video and you. I would not be surprised if you make your own videos, blog etc. because I have learned so much from you and your journey. Hugs:)

    • Such an educational and informative video . . . prayers continuing for Margaret and all of you. Suellen

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing … helps guide our prayers and best wishes in directions consistent with truth and grace … we love you guys and please know how deeply we care. Al & Cathy

  3. John and Margaret…thank you for this post. What a great way to educate and communicate without the repetitive conversations. My love and prayers are with you both. Blessings to you, Doug M. (HFHI)

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video and thank you for all that you do and share. To hear you preach today about the grace of God – so eloquent even in the midst of your own terrifying storm – was a blessing to me and to all who heard it.
    I truly am praying for you, Margaret.
    Sending love…

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