Radiation? Check!

A quick post to say that Margaret has now completed the proscribed path of treatment for stage four breast cancer.

Hip Hip Hurrah!

This morning, she walked out of Dr. Jewell’s torture chamber office about 11:30 wearing a new sporty dress and a big smile. She left the office with “release” papers to hugs and handshakes from nurses, office staff and medical techs.

Dr. Jewell called her the model patient.

Of course, she’ll be back in his office in a month to decide what she will need to do next, but tonight we are celebrating this milestone. The champagne is on ice. Do we have to wait until 5:00 pm? (Yes, because I have a wedding rehearsal!)

To review, she started having “problems” last spring which led to an eventual diagnosis of breast cancer which had metastasized on her bones – primarily her spine and sacrum. She had a double mastectomy in November, followed by chemotherapy. Then a PET scan revealed that she additionally had thyroid cancer, which resulted in partial (half) thyroid-ectomy. And now she has completed 7 weeks (35 days) of daily radiation on her neck, chest and spine.

She is seriously burned, worn out and lost a lot of weight, but greatly relieved to be at this point.

Radiation was much harder on her than we expected, particularly the radiation on the spine, which wreaked havoc on her digestive and nervous systems. Of course, the beauty of modern medicine is pain management. Better living through chemicals? She just popped a few more pain pills and plowed through.

Did I say that her doctor said she was the model patient? Her strength should return slowly.

What’s next? She has a regime of daily pills, she gets a monthly infusion to strengthen her bones and she gets a really nasty shot with a really, really long needle once every three months. She may have one more area on her spine radiated after Megan’s wedding, but we will make that decision later. She will continue this path until … it doesn’t work anymore. Then, her optimistic oncologist says we have 12 more options that are proven effective! No worries! Riiiiiight.

Of course, anxiety will remain until the next PET scan which should take place in late August.

So … a round of applause for Margaret for staying strong and pushing through. Clap, clap, clap.

Did I say she’s the model patient?

Megan’s wedding is in two weeks! Let the wedding party begin!

12 thoughts on “Radiation? Check!

  1. OMG huge Goodbee hug to the model patient! You are a pillar of strength and now have a wedding to attend to!

    Thinking of you w affection, humility and awe-Much love-Lisa Goodbee

  2. Way to go Margaret!! You are such a trooper. I know you couldn’t have done it without John, Megan, Katie and Joe. Here’s to a great wedding celebration. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. John & Margaret,

    Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. Meeting difficult news with resolve and optimism is undoubtedly a hard thing to do. You both have done that and we (Kathy & Bob) are humbled to claim that we are friends with you guys. No one can promise you that this will work out ok, but I can assure Margaret that when I (Bob) pray, I REALLY pray and I pray for an outcome that includes a long term management of this “inconvenience”. Wine-aided chuckles are most likely in order :).. Your place or ours (frankly, Kathy is a big fan of Stapleton and she would love to traverse through your new house)?

    Ciao for now,

    Bob E.

  4. God love her. She’s a model patient for life. I’ve seen so few who can face trials and tribulations with such grace. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

  5. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation….the toughest triathlon yet invented! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and lots of smiles….Ran and Jeff

  6. Please don’t take me off the distribution list: I just can’t resist “commenting” this time! I am totally thrilled with this news and am showering you all with ‘long-distance’ joy. Envisioning with you continuing victory….

  7. Kudos to you, Margaret, for your strength of character — a gift from God. Blessings for a joyous wedding. My prayers will be with you as you launch the next phase of treatment. Hugs, Aunt Beth Hill

  8. Congratulations on passing this latest milestone … Margaret, we all continue to admire your brave, resolute courage and faith. Our prayers continue … and thanks, John for taking the time to share this latest update … Here’s to upcoming wedding and good times for all. All our best wishes, Al, Cathy & Girls

  9. I read all the comments and all that was said/written it is in my hearth too. Margaret, I admire your strength and patience through all the demands of the treatment. I appreciate the calm assurance that John reports to us your progress and hopes. We will continue praying for a miracle, and thank you for sharing your updates. Bernice and Robert

  10. You both deserve more than a round of applause for what you have been through…. I would say you are the model family John. I hope you all enjoy the wedding and know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of all of your friends and family.

  11. Margaret, Have a lovely time at the wedding. Still holding you in love and peace. So wonderful to hear you have a break in your treatment. Congratulations!!

    Alice Goble
    Manager of ReStore Volunteer Programs and Marketing
    [ReStore Email Graphic]

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