PET Scan #3 Results

This will be short and quick, because I am headed out to Canada in the morning to fish for fish (not people which is my normal job), but we are aware many of you have been praying and wondering for the results of Margaret’s PET scan last week. She met with her oncologist today, and he went over the highlights of the results among other things.

The good news – the very good news! – is that nothing “lit up” in the PET scan, suggesting that the chemotherapy and radiation have been effective and the metastatic cancer is not active. Thus, she was graded out as “no evidence of active metastatic cancer.” She is scheduled for a bone scan tomorrow to look for cancer that would not show up on a PET scan … so the champagne is still on ice.

There were some new concerns, which is what we have come to expect with cancer. There is some suspicious activity in her liver and spleen, but her oncologist said “not to worry” about that. Right! We spent some time this evening googling medical terms and gleaning more information. It’s hard not to be a little bit anxious frankly.

I will stop short of interpreting all this for you and how it is impacting us emotionally and spiritually, but suffice it to say that we are generally pleased with what we learned today, but are definitely still “cautiously optimistic.” Bottom-line? Nothing we learned today should change her treatment or prognosis, and we believe that is basically a good thing. Maybe. Probably.

So she lives to fight another day!

11 thoughts on “PET Scan #3 Results

  1. Had asked Kirklyn today if she had heard anything. Thankful and grateful for good news! Will also be praying for good news tomorrow from bone scan. Have a good fishing trip. Thank you for taking time before you left to give us update.

    Jean Simonton

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  2. Thank you for the up date on PET Scan #3 Results. Hope is on, and our prayers will continue for a miracle. Thank God for Margaret’s courage and peace.

  3. Thanks for the update John … in general, report sounds encouraging, so time now for you to catch some really big fish! :-)) All our best, Al & Cathy

  4. Go fishing. Know Margaret is in God’s hands and God is paying attention.
    You are in God’s hands, too. The fish? May they be in your hands.

  5. Thanks for the update, John. So thankful that you all continue to march on! Prayers are being answered. Hugs for Margaret when you get home…and no “fish stories”!

  6. John and Margaret: I am remembering you both in prayers to our gracious God, and I am proud of you both for the sheer toughness you have through all of this. Thanks Margaret for your witness. I think true faith has an awful lot of toughness to it. God bless you and keep you.


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